Edge of Comfort Podcast: Introduction with Lee Thornquist

September 21, 2017
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Welcome to the first episode of the Edge of Comfort Podcast (EOCP)!

I believe in exploring the world through different perspectives. Challenging what we think we know about life. Pushing boundaries. For the next nine months, I plan to explore these beliefs in-depth while traveling through Asia, Australia, Hawaii, and New Zealand.

Throughout this time, I will interview other interesting travelers on this podcast to share their best experiences, adventures, stories and travel tips from the road.

This is technically not my first true episode since I do not have a guest with me. This episode is to give you a quick introduction and what to expect from the podcast moving forward. You can listen to the first real episode here.

I’m so ecstatic to meet new people and learn some amazing things through future conversations. I hope you are too! As always, please send me any suggestions, questions, topics, or anything else to discuss.

Enjoy and thank you for listening!


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