EOCP #1: Lars Feste – Driving Across Iceland, Level 9 Northern Lights, and Saying “No”

September 24, 2017

In the first podcast episode of Edge of Comfort I talk with my long time friend, Lars Feste (@lars_feste / IG), about his experience in Iceland. Lars and I have been friends since grade school and lived a few blocks away from each other most of our lives. We traveled together to countless summer camps, ski trips, family vacations, and even church choir tours during high school. Yes, I was in church choir…

Although our younger travels were in the United States, we’ve both branched out and traveled internationally since. During the summer of 2016, Lars went to Europe for a month to visit Austria, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Montenegro, Netherlands, and Spain.

Lars’s most recent travels include a 9-day trip to Iceland with his girlfriend, Alyson. After spending a few days in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavík, they set out to explore other parts of the country in their rental stick-shift car.


In our conversation, we discuss:
  • Lars’s decision to rent a stick-shift car despite not really knowing how to drive one
  • Seeing the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) and factors for visibility
  • Iceland’s incredible and diverse natural landscape
  • The authentic feel of Iceland’s culture despite a recent tourism boom
  • Why you don’t always need an explanation and the power of saying “No”
  • And much, much more
Enjoy and thank you for listening! As always, comment below or reach out on Email, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.


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Full Podcast Notes:
1:40 – Renting a stick-shift car despite having little knowledge on how to drive stick-shift
6:45 – Staying in a Pod Hostel and Airbnb
10:45 – Northern lights and conditions necessary for visibility
15:40 – Volcanoes
18:02 – What Lars & Alyson did most days
21:55 – Can you drive across the whole country?
25:40 – Renting a car and alternatives – most popular areas
28:30 – Is it possible to see too many waterfalls?
30:20 – Different lagoons throughout Iceland
34:40 – Dealing with expectations before a trip
37:50 – Tourist boom in Iceland and ability to still have an authentic culture
41:20 – Visiting one country vs. many countries in same timeframe
43:15 – What surprised Lars most about Iceland
47:40 – My upcoming travel plans
54:15 – We discuss my accommodations while traveling (Couchsurfing)
56:20 – Meeting expats and locals in Iceland
1:04:00 – Planning for a long trip
1:08:45 – Being excited about the unknown and uncertainty
1:11:15 – Why you don’t always need an explanation and saying, “No”
1:27:00 – What has Lars learned through traveling that he may not have learned otherwise?
1:29:00 – How Lars would sum up all of his travel experience in one sentence


More Iceland Photos From Lars:

Iceland Horses
Iceland Church Iceland Waterfall Lars & Alyson Iceland Iceland Coast


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