EOCP #5: Advice & Tips For Your Travels

November 13, 2017
Edge of Comfort Advice

In this podcast episode of Edge of Comfort, we revisit snippets from the past episodes with Lars Feste, Theo Moon, Ryoji Yoshimura, and Aqeel Karim.

Each snippet is a part of our conversation that offers a good piece of advice or tip for better traveling. If you have listened to all the podcasts already, fantastic! These are great reminders and pieces of advice to revisit.

If you haven’t heard these yet, you will enjoy listening for the first time. Definitely go back and play the individual episodes once you finish this one.


Some of the advice and topics revisited included:

  • Being confident in your sightseeing decisions
  • The power of being present
  • Developing a Pura Vida mindset
  • Misconceptions of travel
  • Easy ways to meet people


Towards the end of the show, I join back in to share a few tips of my own. These tips are a sneak peek into a soon-to-be released “Tips and Resources eBook.”

In this eBook, subscribers to Edge of Comfort gain access to a comprehensive collection of tips and resources to help you on your future travel adventures. The main categories include eating, accommodation, transportation, meeting people, and some other general tips.

The eBook is completely free. Your email is never shared with any third parties and you will not receive any spam. Just important updates and releases for Edge of Comfort.

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Thank you for listening to this experimental episode. You can follow each guest on Instagram by clicking on their name below:

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