EOCP #6: Isa Lindberg – Working in Australia for a Year

November 20, 2017
Isa Australia

“Traveling alone is something you just have to do. When you’ve done it, you’ll realize that it’s not what you thought it would be like, and you’ll be fine with it…It’s such a good thing to do for your self-esteem and confidence. You will be a whole new person.”
– Isa Lindberg


Edge of Comfort #6: Work in Australia






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Work and Travel in Australia

On this episode of the Edge of Comfort Podcast I talk with Isa Lindberg (@isalindberg) from Boden, Sweden.

Booking a flight to Australia on short-notice, Isa moved to Sydney during November 2016 to find work and travel.

Isa originally planned to only spend 6-months in Australia. Her plans changed along the way and she ended up working multiple jobs throughout Australia over the course of a year.

Throughout her year she explored places like:

  • Indonesian islands
  • The Australian Outback
  • The Great Barrier Reef
  • Other major Australian cities
  • Thailand


She also found a dead kangaroo in an unlikely place while working on a sheep farm.



Some of the things we discuss include:

  • Methods to find work abroad
  • The appeal of working in Australia
  • Balancing saving and spending money
  • Work to pursue and avoid in Australia
  • Solo travel
  • Safety for female travelers
  • Extreme nature in Australia

And so much more.


Isa is spending the next month in Thailand scuba diving and advancing her scuba certification. You can follow more of her journey on Instagram @isalindberg.

Thank you for listening and enjoy!



Episode Notes and Links:

4:00 – One year in Australia
8:00 – Difference between traveling and working somewhere
11:20 – Initial challenges of working abroad
12:40 – Resources to find work in Australia

17:00 – Working visas and insurance
20:20 – Australian work to avoid and seek
26:25 – Appeal of Australia
27:40 – Working near the outback
32:00 – Hunting kangaroos
34:00 – Extreme nature in Australia
Redback spider

39:00 – Finding a balance between saving and spending money
42:20 – Scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef and Gili Islands
48:35 – How to pack for long travels
54:30 – Safety for solo female travelers
1:04:50 – Difficulties of traveling alone
1:10:30 – Money tips for the road
– Skyscanner

1:14:45 – Other “must have” apps

1:16:25 – Not waiting for a “perfect time” to do what you want



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