EOCP #8: Sophia Iaquinta Part 2 – Packing Light, Creating Experiences, and Understanding Fears

December 5, 2017
Sophia Iaquinta 2

Just because you don’t know and aren’t familiar with it, doesn’t mean you should fear it…Try to understand how it’s different and what’s going on, because it’s normal to someone else.

– Sophia Iaquinta


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Edge of Comfort #8: Packing Light






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In this episode of the Edge of Comfort Podcast, Sophia Iaquinta (@smiaquinta) and I continue our discussion in Part 2.

While you were introduced to Sophia in Part 1, you didn’t learn much about her background. Thus, we start by discussing more on Sophia’s story.

After working as a nurse in a hospital Medical Intensive Care Unit for two years, she looked for other alternatives.

Particularly, alternatives that combined her passions for traveling and helping others.

This led her to apply for and accept a role with the Peace Corps in Guatemala starting February 2018.

Creating a window for four-months to travel before her start date, she packed her bags and began a solo trip around Asia.


In Part 2, some of the things we discuss include:

  • Packing light and efficiently for months on the road
  • Ensuring safety and diverting unwanted attention
  • Trying to understand your fears
  • How our perceptions influence our travels
  • Creating your own experiences
  • Readapting into your home culture


Thank you for listening and enjoy!

Episode Notes:

4:00 – Sophia’s path and decision to travel solo for four months.
7:55 – Balance of spending a lot of time in one place vs. trying to see many countries.
16:00 – Packing and preparing for months of traveling: Gear, gadgets, and more.
29:00 – Ensuring safety on the road while traveling solo.
34:00 – Strategies to deter unwanted attention.
39:50 – Giving yourself a chance and eliminating excuses to understand your fears.
46:15 – Making your own experiences.
51:00 – Readapting to home life and culture.
56:10 – Travel journals.
58:10 – Enlightenment from traveling.
1:00:15 – Why being a conscious traveler is important.


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