Japanese Snack Pack Tasting: Dried Crab, Minnow and Seaweed [Video]

October 4, 2017


During my second full day in Tokyo I explored a popular area known as Asakusa. Asakusa is known for its famous shrines/temples (most notably Senso-ji), double-sided shopping streets, dining and entertainment.

While walking around, I stopped into many random stores and slot arcades – where I found people furiously tapping buttons I didn’t understand and chain-smoking cigarettes. One of the stores I wandered into was a four-story discount store that absolutely blew me away.

Don Quijote Snack

Enter Asakusa Don Quijote

Don Quijote is technically a discount store, but saying this is just a discount store does not do justice for the spectrum of items stocked up inside.

Don Quijote is a four-story powerhouse of any sort of goods imaginable. If Amazon and Super Wal-Mart had a child, it would be Don Quijote. I mean the store has its own penguin mascot named Donpen. C’mon.

Want to shop for all your groceries? Don has you covered.

Does your wardrobe need a top-to-bottom revamp? Don has you covered.

Want to buy a fancy watch or Louis Vuitton hand bag? Don has you covered.

Want to snag a new bike? Virtual reality headset? Any possible appliance for your home? Don has you covered.

Sex life been slow and you want a dildo? Don has you covered!

The only thing I was unable to find in this place was a fishing pole, but I stopped looking because I needed to see sunlight again.


Before I evacuated, I found a row of some of the least appealing snacks I’ve ever laid eyes on. Most of these snacks were some form of dried seafood – something I’ve never considered to be a snack.

After mulling over a few options, I found the granddaddy snack pack. The Seafood Mix – a.k.a. the Big 3.

Dried Seaweed with Sesame Seed. [Krusty] Crab. Dried Fish.

This was a trio too good to pass up and one I knew needed an official tasting.

Watch the video above for the full tastings, reactions and rankings of the Don Quijote Seafood Mix.

Thank you for watching and enjoy!


I have absolutely zero affiliations with Don Quijote.


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