Lee’s Three: Dream Destinations

May 17, 2017

L3: Dream Destinations

In this edition of Lee’s Three, I highlight a few dream destinations I’ve been dying to visit! While I want to see places across the world, some destinations are more pressing than others.

Keeping a running list of our dream destinations is always an exciting aspect of travel. This becomes especially true when we turn our dreams into reality.

If you need some inspiration to come up with your own travel ideas, check out Part I of my Travel Steps series.

While none of these are close to me at the moment, I will probably make it a point to get to them soon!

Lee’s Three (L3) features quick content highlighting helpful hints, surprising facts, or something enjoyable from my life.


1) Jellyfish Lake – Palau 

Jellyfish lake is a small lake on the island of Palau – an island pretty far off the east coast of The Philippines. As you can probably guess, it’s a lake full of a ridiculous amount of jellyfish.

Two types of species inhabit the lake – the Golden Jellyfish and Moon Jellyfish. In the video above, you pretty much only see the Golden Jellyfish. Neither species of jellyfish cause any real harm to humans, which allows you to snorkel all around them.

The current population of jellyfish in the lake is actually significantly down right now. Scientists are hoping it will rebound like it once did in the late 1990’s, so I may have to wait a few years to visit.

You can read more about the population decline in this National Geographic article.


2) The Lost City of Petra – Jordan

Dream Destinations - Petra

Petra is an ancient city in Jordan that was primarily used for trading during times of the ancient Nabatean Empire. The structure pictured above is the Treasury and is carved directly into the cliffs.

Looks like something straight out of an Indiana Jones movie, right?

I really don’t have much to say on this but since 2007 it’s considered one of the new seven wonders of the world. I think it looks really cool and know almost nothing about it, so I would love see the sheer greatness with my own eyes!


3) Great Barrier Reef – Australia

Dream Destinations: Great Barrier Reef

Freshman year of college at Indiana, I was at a blowout basketball game with a few friends. We were talking about school, and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the workload. Being a little drunk, I half jokingly said, “All I want to do is scuba dive in Australia and look at cool fish!”

Well, that remains true today! Considering the Great Barrier Reef is home to an incredibly diverse marine life, I figured this is a good spot to look at cool fish.

Unfortunately, coral in the Great Barrier Reef has taken significant damage from mass bleaching the past few years. Global warming is the main driver of bleaching and without major changes throughout the world, it’s not reversible.

It’s quite troubling that we’re fucking up our planet and oceans so badly. Marine life genuinely fascinates me, which is why this is one of my most pressing dream destinations.

I hope to find a way to positively impact our oceans and conserve sights like the Great Barrier Reef for future generations. For now though, I just want to look at cool fish.

Dream Destinations: Lionfish


Where are your current dream destinations? Leave a comment below!

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