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Isa Australia

EOCP #6: Isa Lindberg – Working in Australia for a Year

“Traveling alone is something you just have to do. When you’ve done it, you’ll realize that it’s not what you thought it would be like, and you’ll be fine with it…It’s such a good thing to do for your self-esteem and confidence. You will…

November 20, 2017
Edge of Comfort Advice

EOCP #5: Advice & Tips For Your Travels

In this podcast episode of Edge of Comfort, we revisit snippets from the past episodes with Lars Feste, Theo Moon, Ryoji Yoshimura, and Aqeel Karim. Each snippet is a part of our conversation that offers a good piece of advice or tip for better…

November 13, 2017

Edge of Comfort Podcast: Introduction with Lee Thornquist

Listen on iTunes here. Welcome to the first episode of the Edge of Comfort Podcast (EOCP)! I believe in exploring the world through different perspectives. Challenging what we think we know about life. Pushing boundaries. For the next nine months, I plan to explore…

September 21, 2017