Edge of Comfort: What Can I Expect?

April 24, 2017

Life is living boldly. Living courageously.

Life is pushing limits. Going beyond what you think you are capable of.

Life is pursuing what you are willing to make sacrifices for. To work relentlessly on something because you genuinely enjoy it.

Life is to give you purpose and enable growth.

Some may call this purpose a “calling.”

My calling is to travel and explore the world. To experience the many cultural and natural wonders of life our world provides.

I created Edge of Comfort to share these experiences and hopefully inspire you to pursue your travel dreams.


What Can I Expect from Edge of Comfort?

Edge of Comfort’s primary mission is to share travel experiences, travel education, and explore growth through travel.

We live in an incredibly beautiful world. One that provides us with the story of humans, unique cultures, stunning landscapes, crazy animals like honey badgers and komodo dragons, historic architectures, delicious foods – *cough* sushi *cough* – and an endless number of wonderful, yet sometimes frightening, creations.

I want to give you a look into a world I believe more people need to experience.

Horseshoe Bend - Travel

Using blog posts, i.e. entries, and other media, I will share locations and creations you may have never known existed (like a blue flame volcano).

I will also highlight different aspects, strategies or methods of travel, so you can find inspiration and knowledge to embark on your own adventures.

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Blue Flame Volcano – Java Island, Indonesia

I’m Listening…What Else?

I tend to focus on the positives of traveling, but will mention the negatives as well. It would be a disservice to pretend like negatives are nonexistent. I do not wish to give you a false image of travel and life around the world.

That being said, I won’t write five pages of complaints. I’m constantly trying to practice a positive mindset because it truly makes a difference with attitude, perspective and emotion.

Travel Bali Monkey

If you haven’t traveled much in your life, planning your trip may seem like a daunting task.

Choosing a foreign place to visit, figuring out sites to see, activities to do, budgeting your time, money, and other limited resources. All of this can seem difficult – especially when you don’t know where to begin.

I promise the planning and execution of travel is not as complicated or time-consuming as you think. I will show you why later on.

Ultimately, through my adventures and entries, I hope to inspire you to live an uncomfortable life. To pursue dreams that frighten you, explore unknowns and take the path less traveled.


Beyond Travel

At a deeper level, I hope to help others get past fear – whether its fear related to travel or other aspects of our lives. Fear takes many forms and is not always obvious.

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Fear of being surrounded by an unfamiliar setting or people, fear of flying overseas, fear of financial impact, fear of not knowing how or what to plan, fear of leaving a comfortable place, fear of missing work, fear of familiarity, fear of _____ fill in the blank.

Whatever excuse we tell ourselves, it’s time to recognize and respond to prevent fear from controlling our decisions.

“I can have fear; I need not be my fear.”

– Unknown

This quote has helped me a lot recently and one that continues to run through my head. I interpret it as: The ability to recognize fear and its existence is important so you can let fear be a part of you, while not allowing fear to dictate your actions.


Why Edge of Comfort?

Much of the reason fear exists in our lives is due to our self-created “comfort zone.” When a situation threatens our comfort zone, we experience fear and respond – but at some point in the reaction, we have the power to dictate our response.

I believe our response to fear is a conscious choice and one we can train ourselves to recognize and positively influence.

Essentially, we need to push and test our comfort zone to catalyze growth. Travel is the most exciting and rewarding method I have found to keep you on the “edge of comfort”. As a result, you are consistently changing and growing by having fun and pushing your limits.

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Hidden Spider – Bali, Indonesia

As you can probably see by now, I will occasionally go beyond a simple travel blog entry and discuss some of life’s more thought-provoking topics. This is because when you do travel and live on the edge of comfort, you grow and explore different thoughts or ideas.

Your perceptions, thoughts, maturity, independence, confidence, outlook on life, and many other qualities change.

Exploring unknown places and testing my limits has positively influenced me greatly thus far. I believe we must address and discuss some of our unknowns to grow, no matter how foreign they may seem.



As for now, I am the sole contributor for Edge of Comfort. If you want to learn more about my personal story, head over to About Lee T.

“The only important thing in a book is the meaning that it has for you.”

–W. Somerset Maugham

At the end of the day, all that really matters is what meaning you derive for yourself. We all have different backgrounds and experiences that shape our interests and perceptions.

Even if you have never traveled or don’t think you’d like it, I still believe you can find valuable insights somewhere in my entries. If not, send me some suggestions on areas I can expand into or improve on! Or don’t read my site…spend your time how you like.


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